Types of Seals we Manufacture.

Seals play a crucial role in various industries by preventing leakage and ensuring the efficient operation of machinery. Seals are essential mechanical components used in various industries to prevent leakage and contamination, ensuring smooth and efficient operations. They come in various forms, catering to different applications and industries. Seals play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of systems, protecting against fluid loss, and minimizing energy waste. From small O-rings to larger cassette seals, they are indispensable in machinery, automotive, and other industrial settings. Seals offer reliable performance, ensuring the longevity and reliability of equipment and systems. Whether it's preventing dust or mud infiltration, reducing friction, or optimizing air pressure, seals are key players in maintaining optimal functionality in numerous applications.

Oil Seals

Oil seals, also called shaft seals, prevent lubricant leakage in rotating shafts. Used in engines, pumps, and machinery.

Hydraulic Seals

These are gasket-like rings, seal components in hydraulic cylinders, valves, and motors, preventing fluid leakage and loss.

Agri Cassette Seals

Robust, fully encapsulated seals that excel in protecting bearings and components from harsh environmental conditions.

Universal Joint Seals

They dampen transmission shaft vibrations, enhancing the lifespan of specific components through effective vibration reduction.

Low Friction Seals

Utilized in industrial applications for reduced friction and leakage prevention, the maintain lubrication, minimizing wear and energy losses.

Pneumatic Seals

They are vital for maintaining pressure in cylinders and valves by restricting air or gas flow. They're used in various applications.

Wheel Hub Seals

Also called a wheel or axle seal, prevents lubricant leakage and contaminants from entering the wheel hub assembly.

Cassette seals

Tailored for heavy vehicles, serves as a HUB and Pinion seal in axle applications, offering comprehensive oil containment.


Acts as sealing devices, preventing fluid or air leakage by compressing between surfaces, forming a seal at the interface.

Dust Seals

Prevents external dust, protecting packings and bearings. Mainly used to keep out liquids like cutting fluid.

Steering Sealing

Crucial in power-assisted hydraulic systems, preventing power loss. They retain steering fluid and reduce friction for efficiency.

Customized Seals

We offer tailored solutions for unique applications, ensuring optimal performance and precise compatibility with specific requirements and designs