Types of General Rubber Products we Manufacture.

General rubber products stand as versatile solutions in diverse industries, showcasing resilience and adaptability. From industrial applications to consumer goods, these products, crafted from high-quality rubber formulations, offer a wide spectrum of uses. Their inherent properties, including flexibility, durability, and weather resistance, make them indispensable. Whether employed in automotive components, consumer electronics, or industrial machinery, general rubber products excel in sealing, dampening vibration, and providing protective coverings. With continuous advancements in rubber technology, these products contribute significantly to the efficiency and longevity of various systems, reflecting the enduring importance of rubber in modern manufacturing.


Rubber expansion bellows address thermal expansion, shrinking, or vibration, mitigating stresses, preventing noise, and safeguarding machines in work environments.


Durable rubber grommets, resistant to corrosion and cracks, offer excellent insulation. Widely used in electronics, machinery, and sports equipment for vibration reduction and sealing.

Foot Pads

Rubber foot pads, or feet, made of elastomeric materials, enhance stability, dampen vibrations, and protect surfaces by preventing slipping or scratching.

Moulded Rubber Products

Rubber items, made through compression molding, include seals, o-rings, and more, serving diverse industries. Customizable for specific applications, ensuring material hardness, temperature resistance, and compatibility.


They are highly versatile, act as reliable separators between spaces in fluid handling, aerospace, automotive, and other industries, serving various components.

Neck Rings

Advancing technology challenges pump manufacturers to operate more efficiently under various conditions, demanding lower friction, higher pressures, and broader fluid compatibility.

Bowl Bush

In water pump applications, a "rubber bowl bush" is a flexible elastomeric component that dampens vibrations, absorbs shocks, and reduces noise.