Types of Bearing Seals we Manufacture.

Bearing seals are essential components ensuring optimal performance in the industrial landscape. These seals, meticulously designed for various applications, act as guardians, preventing contaminants from infiltrating bearings and compromising their efficiency. By forming a protective barrier, bearing seals mitigate friction, reduce wear and tear, and extend the lifespan of machinery. Whether in automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing, their significance lies in maintaining the integrity of rotating systems. Advanced materials and innovative designs characterize modern bearing seals, showcasing their adaptability to diverse environments and their pivotal role in enhancing the reliability and longevity of machinery across industries.

Kingpin Seals

Kingpin seals eliminate frequent lubrication of the steering axle kingpin and prevent mud and water infiltration into the bushings.

Clutch Release Bearing Seals

Bearing Seals, or grease seals, shield tapered, spherical, cylindrical, and double-row bearings from grease loss and contamination, offering self-aligning design benefits.

Single & Double Lip Seals

These prevent fluid leakage in rotating or reciprocating shafts. Common in automotive, machinery, and hydraulic systems, their choice depends on operating conditions.

High-temperature Seals

Resisting heat and thermal expansion, high-temperature seals ensure optimal functionality and a prolonged service life for various applications.

Water-pump Bearing Seals

Tailored for automotive water pumps, these bearing seals ensure superior grease retention, with a robust bond and Ethylene Glycol resistance for effective contamination prevention.

Wheel Bearing Seals

Wheel seals retain wheel bearing lubricant, preventing debris and contaminants. Installation varies, impacting unit life. Our designed seals enhance performance in diverse conditions.