Pioneering the path
of innovation.

For over 40 years, our manufacturing company has become a leading name in providing top-notch sealing solutions for various industries. We specialize in making seals for important uses in automobiles, agriculture, and pumping, as well as other products that need reliable and high-quality seals. Our team of experts is fully committed to delivering products that meet or even exceed international quality standards, all while keeping our prices competitive for our customers. We achieve this by using advanced technology, modern manufacturing processes, and strict quality control measures to ensure that every product we make is consistent and dependable.

We've invested in cutting-edge equipment, such as stamping machines, molding machines, and automatic inspection lines, to ensure efficient production and the highest quality in every item. This enables us to meet our customers' demands quickly and accurately while maintaining the best standards.

Leaves no stone unturned for our
commitment to perfection.


A trailblazing provider of rubber and mechanical sealing components,
meticulously designed for OEMs with a focus on critical applications.


Automation in

Fully automated processes ensure exceptional precision and consistency in component production.



Thorough quality control tests ensure products meet strict durability and critical standards.


& Research

Innovation driven approach elevates the quality and engineering mastery to its pinnacle.

From Director's Desk

Together, steering Teknix Group towards a future brimming with excellence and prosperity.

It fills my heart with immense joy and pride to unveil the foundational principles that have been woven into the very fabric of Teknix Group since its inception. As the founder, I take great pleasure in sharing our core values that have now become an integral part of our company culture, passed down to my sons and embraced by our entire team. These six principles – customer closeness, innovation, leadership, people-centricity, responsibility, and long-term vision – serve as the guiding compass for all our actions and endeavors. They form the bedrock of our company's activities, providing a clear benchmark and reference point. At Teknix Group, we cherish our enduring partnerships with customers and suppliers, underpinned by our robust financial stability and traditionally high equity ratio. Embracing our identity as entrepreneurs, we wholeheartedly trust in the brilliance and dedication of our exceptional employees, nurturing their personal growth and development.

Rajnikant Changela


What drives us
towards excellence

In the pursuit of excellence, consistency paves the path to exceptional quality. Our organization thrives on core values, encompassing integrity, respect, collaboration, innovation, and excellence. We prioritize honesty and transparency in our processes. By fostering teamwork and embracing change and innovation, we consistently provide high-quality products to our valued customers.

Our Mission

To adopt, innovate, and deploy cutting-edge sealing solutions derived from proven concepts. Through relentless research and collaboration, we strive to provide industry-leading products that optimize efficiency, reliability, and safety for our valued customers, contributing to their success and satisfaction.

Our Vision

To embrace and inspire excellence in our field of operation. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation, we aim to lead the way, setting new standards and positively impacting the industry, while delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders and customers.